Where can I view my AutoSSL with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates?

All of our hosting plans utilize the AutoSSL feature with Let's Encrypt. As a result of this all domain names hosted from your account will automatically have a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installed on them.

Please note that your installed certificates will not be displayed under the 'Let's Encrypt' interface in cPanel. You need to use the 'SSL/TLS Manager' to view your installed SSL certificates.

To view all the SSL certificates installed on your account:

  1. Login to cPanel for your hosting plan

  2. Use the search to locate the 'SSL/TLS Manager' interface

  3. Click 'SSL/TLS Manager' to be taken to the SSL manager

  4. Once you're in the 'SSL/TLS Manager' interface click 'Manage SSL Sites'

  5. Under the 'Manage SSL Sites' section you will see all your accounts SSL certificates, including those issued through Let's Encrypt with AutoSSL.
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